Veteran’s Memorial Hinton, IA

The dream of a group of five veterans is a reality. The idea for the memorial took shape more than two years ago when the five men were looking for a way to honor local veterans for their service to our country. Now three black granite stones stand in front of the Hinton Community Hall, inscribed with the names of 347 veterans.

We want all our area veterans to be included on this monument. We know that we were not able to contact all available veterans or their families, but we are hoping that those we missed will have heard about or seen the Memorial by now and want to be included.

We will again be taking applications for veterans to have their names alongside their comrades on the memorial, as many have indicated a desire to be included. If you are a veteran or know of one you think should be on this memorial, please contact them to make them aware of this opportunity.

Contact the American Legion Post for application form. Applications will be registered and engraved on the memorial in the order they are received. The names will be engraved on the stones when a sufficient number are available to accommodate the engraver.

We sincerely appreciate and thank all the veterans who are now named on the memorial, also the many who have donated time, labor, and money for the construction of this beautiful.